Two things I would love to Buy

I have come across very acute need of two products that I think have a good market. Here they are:

  1. A video camera (with HD option, if possible) which has an inbuilt WiFi capability (meaning it can join the WiFi network) and which has Skype installed on it. Basically, I would configure this camera with my Skype login and just use it for my Video confrencing needs. This means that I can point and shoot anything and also live telecast it to my group on Skype. I would pay for a device which does that.
  2. If you have ever used Evernote – you will know how well the inline image search works. I love Evernote and use it to take a snapshot of all my *important* digital content. But what about the paper ones? I would love to have a scanner which scans a document and puts it in my Evernote database. I have a scanner at home which has WiFi on it. If only it could send an email to Evernote which basically adds it to my account.
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