My predictions for 2011

Like many technology people I tend to think of what is coming up. So here are some predictions I have for 2011. I will keep updating this list as and when i think of them.

  1. Kindle in Color – Kindle has been so successful and it’s e-ink technology is so well soothing for the reader. I am predicting that Amazon will launch a newer and color version of Kindle to lure magazine readers.
  2. A new device from Apple – Looking at the new AppStore and how Apple is pushing harder to build a proprietary vertical from chips to software – I can only think of how Apple might come up with a new device which will be somewhere in between iPad & MacBook Air. This would be like a google’s CR48 but will only run apps from Apple’s app store – which of course would be adopted by many apple fan boys.
  3. Added on 2/1/2011 – Google will release a library (Closure based?) and upgrade it’s Dalvik JVM for android so that we can write apps in Javascript. I am not talking about Javascript based web apps – but Javascript based native apps.  With Oracle suing Google and making sure it will be pain in the butt to Google for the near future – I am guessing Google will pick a language which is developer friendly and also doesn’t suffer with legal issues.
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