Conch and Wheel

Conch and Wheel has been my dream for a quite long time. All these years when I have been following Technology and programming – I always felt like I saw some connections which are unique and had an opinion about it. I started my personal blog but being the spiritual person I am, it mostly turned into – me blogging about God, Meditation & Spirituality. I find it hard to write about my Technology thinking on my personal blog. Then came my switch from a Full time job to Consulting. This gave me an opportunity to start on my own and work on various Technologies and projects simultaneously.

In the past 2 years I have learned so many things – Technology wise, People wise and Outsourcing wise. I am going to make this blog as a platform to share my findings, thoughts and ideas on the field I most love.

Oh, Conch and Wheel is my business name. It’s something most Indians would understand what it means immediately, and for the remaining they are just two random things put together.

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One Response to Conch and Wheel

  1. Harsha says:

    - I was wondering why there were no new posts on your personal blog….now I know why!
    - I am an Indian but I didnt get the significance of Conch and Wheel! I guess I will stay with two random words put together!
    - Tagline of Conch and Wheel states “…I problem solve…”. Shouldnt this be “…I solve problems…”? Or is it meant to be the way it is…?!

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