Google buys a Chip making company

Giving a new meaning to the battle between Apple and Google – Google bought a chip making company called Agnilux which was started by former P.A.Semi chip company guys.  Apple bought P.A. Semi couple of years ago.

I personally believe that this move on behalf of Google clubbed with buying of On2 – there by their video codec VP6 – and rumors of releasing it as an Open Source software in an upcoming Google IO event next month – Google is preparing to get into building a DVR and getting into TV medium. The Google TV effort started only a month ago. Just imagine a DVR built by Google using Android as a OS and all the apps on the Andriod Marketplace can be used on TV. Thats much much better than Apple TV.

I would love to have a Google based DVR. Have you ever tried to do a search and record on either Dish DVR or Comcast’s DVR? It’s nearly impossible.

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