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My predictions for 2011

Like many technology people I tend to think of what is coming up. So here are some predictions I have for 2011. I will keep updating this list as and when i think of them. Kindle in Color – Kindle … Continue reading

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Git – Mind Mapped

I have been using Git for a project recently and happen to love it. Here is a mind map of what I have learned from Pro Git book

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Apple Cheated

This is the new letter from Apple about the issue of it’s dropping calls and how you grip the phone. To quote Upon investigation, we were stunned to find that the formula we use to calculate how many bars of … Continue reading

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Palindromic Primes using Objective-C

I was watching the Data Structures course ware¬† at Academic Earth and there was a problem being solved to find all prime numbers within a range. It’s a very simple problem (not efficient) but I wanted to add some twist … Continue reading

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Apple’s Dilemma

Apple released it’s iPhone 4 yesterday and as usual with any Apple (mobile) product launches people lined up in front of Apple stores to get their hands on the latest toy. But as the day progressed there has been a … Continue reading

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CakePHP Conventions Explained

I have worked on CakePHP on and off. I was revising it recently for a project at hand and I realized that it would be nice to have a diagram which explains all the players involved in CakePHP framework and … Continue reading

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Upgraded to WordPress 3.0

I am really impressed with WordPress 3.0 so far. Just upgraded from 2.9.2 to 3.0. Here is a video to convince you too if you are looking.

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Mind Map of “The Javascript Programming Language – Part 1″

Recently, there has been a shift in perception of Developers. People are taking Javascript very seriously. Not only it has excelled on the Client side, now it’s entering into server side. A very welcoming trend but also a difficult one … Continue reading

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Google buys a Chip making company

Giving a new meaning to the battle between Apple and Google – Google bought a chip making company called Agnilux which was started by former P.A.Semi chip company guys.¬† Apple bought P.A. Semi couple of years ago. I personally believe … Continue reading

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HTML 5 presentation done in HTML5

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