Apple’s Dilemma

Apple released it’s iPhone 4 yesterday and as usual with any Apple (mobile) product launches people lined up in front of Apple stores to get their hands on the latest toy. But as the day progressed there has been a lot of talk about how iPhone antenna’s new placement is causing the reception to drop.

Critical iPhone 4 issues

This is really bad. Adding to the AT&T’s already sucky reception – this is really bad. How I hold my phone should not limit my quality of call! People wrote to Steve Jobs (equivalent of praying in a Chapel for a religious person) and got a reply “You are holding it wrong“(sic). Then there are people who responded by putting up all the pictures which Apple released for iPhone 4 where people were holding the phone in the same exact way any normal humans hold it and this causes the reception to drop. The reception in question is ONLY cellular not WiFi.

I think this is going to be more common in future. This is Apple’s dilemma. As it launches more and more new products – more secretly and with a tight hold on who gets to see what – there would be more surprises as they launch new products. I think this issue with iPhone could have been resolved if any real customer would have tested it. But no, because of Apple’s draconian secret development – all the people who test it are either tech savvy or it’s been tested in a very safe environment. This causes the product to be not tested well before it hits the shop.

I can only see how Apple is going to curtail more and more future product releases. Just imagine how they freaked out when iPhone 4 leaked out 2 months back. I am sure they have bolted down everything on their campus now.

So, this is Apple’s dilemma. By being super secret about their new upcoming products they come out with the most interesting product launches. But the very idea of keeping it a tight secret denies them access to a real test market and there by results in a crappy functionality of the product.

I am not sure how they are going to solve it but making sure you always buy 2nd or 3rd generation of any Apple product is always a safe bet. But then you wouldn’t get to spend 10 hours in front of an Apple store and showcase your new toy to your friends. In the whole tech industry – Apple is the ONLY company that can pull this off.

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